Accelerated Orthodontics in Arvada

You no longer have to endure lengthy treatment times to get the straighter smile you’re looking for. Enjoy a more beautiful smile in less time with cutting-edge accelerated orthodontics treatment. To learn more about accelerated orthodontics in Arvada, schedule an appointment with Dr. Friedman today.

Do you want a straight and healthy smile, but are afraid of committing to two to three years of braces? At West Arvada Orthodontics, we understand. For many adult patients, the long treatment time can put them off from the orthodontic care they need to improve the look and health of their smile. That is why we offer accelerated orthodontics allowing patients to achieve the beautiful smile they want as quickly and safely as possible. We are proud to use advanced technology to reduce your braces or Invisalign® treatment time by as much as half.

What Is Accelerated Orthodontics?

Accelerated orthodontics is an excellent treatment option for patients who want to reduce their treatment time in braces or clear aligners. This treatment can also benefit patients who require extensive repositioning to achieve optimal results. Most patients can expect to wear their braces or clear aligners for just one to two years, reducing the average treatment time by up to 50%.

For many years, accelerated orthodontics required invasive surgical procedures. A surgeon would graft additional bone to the patient’s jaw, remodeling the surrounding tissue and promoting faster tooth movement. Now we can offer our patients minimally invasive treatments to accelerate tooth movement with micro-osteoperforations. Our practice is proud to offer Propel Orthodontics technology to help our patients achieve the high-quality results they deserve without the need for surgery.

How Does Accelerated Orthodontics Work?

By using special devices from Propel Orthodontics, Dr. Friedman can stimulate jaw bone growth with micro-osteoperforation. This bone growth helps make it easier for your teeth to move through the use of braces or clear aligner treatment. Micro-osteoperforation can be performed in just a few minutes in our office. The procedure is relatively painless and requires no recovery time.

How Much Does Accelerated Orthodontics Cost?

Every case is different, and your treatment costs will vary depending on your unique needs. We will provide a review of all your treatment options and fees. If you think accelerated orthodontics is right for you, be sure to ask our team about our flexible financing options.

Are you looking for accelerated orthodontics in Arvada? Call our office at (720) 800-9331 today to schedule a consultation. Our professional and highly trained team is here to help you get straight teeth in half the time.

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