Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early intervention is often the best form of care. Early orthodontic treatment can improve the health of your child’s teeth for years to come. For early orthodontic treatment in Arvada, make an appointment with Dr. Friedman.

Parents want what’s best for their children’s teeth. At West Arvada Orthodontics, we believe early intervention is often the most effective way to ensure a lifetime of straight and healthy smiles.

What Is Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Early Orthodontic Treatment, also known as Phase One Orthodontics, Or Interceptive Treatment, corrects issues with your child’s developing teeth and jaws. The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children see an orthodontist by the age of seven to assess the health of their jaws and teeth. In some cases, children as young as five may benefit from an orthodontic exam.

It is important to address any concerns you have about your child’s bite while their jaws are still growing. This early intervention will ensure the best results and avoid more complex and invasive treatment later in life whenever necessary.

Signs your child may benefit from early orthodontic treatment include:

  • Early, late or irregular loss of baby teeth
  • Protruding or misplaced teeth
  • Mouth breathing
  • Difficulty biting or chewing
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Crooked or crowded teeth
  • Prolonged thumb-sucking after the age of five
  • Overbite or underbite due to misaligned jaws
  • Jaws or teeth that are out of proportion with your child’s face

Does My Child Need Early Orthodontic Treatment?

To find out if your child is a candidate for early orthodontic treatment, schedule an appointment with our office. When it comes to children, Dr. Friedman’s treatment philosophy is to provide interceptive orthodontic treatment to growing children whenever it can benefit the child to prevent more invasive treatment later. She performs thorough exams to pinpoint the exact diagnosis and best treatment plan for each patient.

Dr. Friedman will then fully educate you on your child’s condition and offer preventive solutions whenever possible, even if orthodontic appliances aren’t yet needed. We want you to understand your child’s care and make informed decisions if further treatment is required.

While every case is different, common early orthodontic treatment can include:

  • Removing extra or misplaced teeth to reduce crowding
  • Using braces to straighten crooked teeth or close gaps between teeth
  • Using palatal expanders to widen your child’s upper jaw
  • Using oral appliances such as twin blocks to help your child’s teeth and jaws to grow naturally

What Are The Benefits Of Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Early orthodontic treatment doesn’t just help your child’s teeth and jaws grow properly, but it can also prevent a number of other issues. A straight and healthy smile during childhood can:

  • Improve your child’s speech
  • Improve your child’s ability to bite and chew naturally
  • Improve your child’s breathing
  • Reduce your child’s risk of developing bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Reduce your child’s risk of impacted permanent teeth
  • Reduce your child’s need for jaw surgery
For more information on early orthodontic treatment in Arvada, call our office at (720) 800-9331 today. Dr. Friedman and the West Arvada Orthodontics team are dedicated to helping children enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smiles.


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