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"We went to several consultations with other practices before finding West Arvada Orthodontics. We are so happy we found them! We wanted a practice that prioritized early intervention, while the jaw is still developing, and found that with Dr. Friedman. The office is calm, sensory friendly, and relaxing. Dr. Friedman's consultation was very thorough, and we left with a great understanding of the treatment plan. She also took the time to answer questions our 2 boys had and made sure they understood the plan as well. We highly recommend this practice!"

Kelly, Google Review ★★★★★


“*This is an extensive review, but worth the read IMO 🙂 I am going to let you in on the best, newest addition to the Candelas area! After only 1 visit with Dr. Jennifer Friedman, I feel confident to say that I've never come across a more thorough, compassionate, intelligent and confident doctor. Why am I telling you this? Because I am someone who has struggled with chronic, daily headache, jaw and neck pain for nearly a decade. The pain has continued to progress no matter how many doctors, dentists or specialists I've seen over the years, and there's been A LOT!!! I always seem to get passed on to another doctor or continue a medication or treatment that simply never works. It's been so debilitating that I've had to leave jobs, cancel plans on a constant basis, and it's taken me away from spending quality time with my family which has been the hardest part of all of this. It slowly began to push me into a deep depression because the uncontrollable pain has put a strain on nearly every aspect of my life. I can honestly say that last week was one of my lowest points yet...until Dr. Jennifer Friedman reached out to me.

After ending up in the ER last weekend (due to pain and brink of insanity) I was looking for a "pain specialist" on this specific page because I've always gotten great responses or recommendations from everyone on here. I was honestly starting to lose all faith and hope until Jennifer reached out to me.

She has taken SO much time with me as a patient and had already gotten in touch with my (past & present) doctors/dentists and reviewed my records before I even came in for my first appointment.

She is beginning a treatment plan for me that makes sense for not only my teeth and bite, but for my chronic pain. It's been 48 hours and I haven't been in any pain for the first time in 8 years. If nothing else (but there's a lot else), she has helped control this pain without the use of any medications or narcotics (which I never take) and for that I am truly grateful.

I could continue to go on and on because I believe in testimonials and I believe in posting a good review when I've found a business or practice where I've received excellent service, and this is that place!!! *Please get in touch with Dr. Jennifer Friedman if you are seeking an orthodontist for you or your kids. She is a firm believer in seeing kiddos at a young age due to issues that can arise early-on (airways, size of mouth) and it is such a kid-friendly environment. My son (and husband) came in for my appointment with me and was completely entertained by all of the fun and interesting things the office has to offer young kiddos.

I realize this a rather lengthy review, but for someone that has struggled with excruciating pain due to my bite being off, TMD, Trigeminal Neuralgia, etc....this is the first time in a long time where I feel such confidence in a doctor and have hope for the future that I will only continue to get better.“

Courtney, Nextdoor Candelas Review


"Great place. Very compassionate, caring and understanding. Very happy we chose them."

Erica, Google Review ★★★★★


"We are so glad to have found West Arvada Orthodontics! We love that Dr. Friedman practices early intervention, aiming to correct issues while the jaw is developing. We had several orthodontic screenings prior, and I was so happy to see the thoroughness of her screen, which included a ceph x-ray (no other office we visited included this!). She makes us feel like partners in the treatment, and really took her time answering questions and explaining the plan with our 2 boys.

The office is calm and inviting. They really went the extra mile making it sensory friendly. Highly recommend!"

Kelly, Facebook Review


"From the moment we walked in the door, we felt comfortable and welcome at West Arvada Orthodontics. My daughter and I are both receiving treatment and I love the way that Dr. Jenny and her assistants make a point to answer all our questions and never make us feel rushed. My 3 year-old loves the kids play area and made himself at home in the office as well. We look forward to many more friendly office visits.😊"

Brenda, Facebook Review


“West Arvada Orthodontics is an amazing place to go for Orthodontic services. Dr. Jenny is so knowledgeable and genuinely cares about the community and the children. Be sure to schedule a free consultation with them!

Amanda R, Nextdoor from Candelas


"Dr. Friedman has been great with my daughter!  We are new to the whole process, so they have been great to work with.  The office atmosphere is very fun for the kids and parents."

Lorna C, Yelp Review ★★★★★


"Very friendly & highly qualified team! HIGHLY recommended!"

Dylan, Google Review ★★★★★


Best Orthodontist in Colorado- Hands Down! “

Shea S., Google Review ★★★★★


Compassion, Comfort and Knowledge. That's exactly Dr, Friedman! She has helped find me a way to get my chronic jaw and headache pain under control, but has also set up a treatment plan which makes sense for my extreme case(pain, bite being off, and missing teeth). I am confident you will love her too!!! Great place to get yourself and your kids to early on as she believes in examining children at a young age, as well as it being an extremely fun and kid-friendly atmosphere! “

Courtney B, Google Review ★★★★★


“Dr. Friedman is the 4th orthodontist we've worked with for our four children.  Our older two children had very complicated jaw and palate issues, so were treated by two of the best orthodontists in the country.  We feel our younger two are getting equally excellent care with Dr. Friedman.”

Tanis S, MD, MPH Yelp Review ★★★★★


"I have known Dr. Jennifer since 2004. She is very knowledgeable and truly compassionate towards her patients."

Ahmad, Google Review ★★★★★


"Jennifer Friedman you are a very kind soul💜. It is so nice to see people helping people out of genuine care and concern. Thank you for existing in this world!"

Kris W, Nextdoor Skyestone Review

"Jennifer Friedman is an excellent orthodontist. Check out the new office too. It is also an excellent place if your son or daughter has any sensory issues. The treatment is caring, friendly and the massage chair is a plus."


"Dr. Friedman's office is awesome. I went in for my consultation & was given a tour of the office. I was then given my consultation & Dr. Friedman walked me through the whole process & what to expect. I scheduled my appointment to put braces on for the following week & they were very accommodating to me & my schedule.

I had braces put on today & Dr. Friedman was super-efficient while putting them on.

I loved how she explained everything to me as she was putting the Braces on.

I'm highly impressed with their office, love the family-owned practice & am super happy to be going through with my treatment at this office."

Whitney H, Yelp Review ★★★★★


"Dr. Friedman and her staff are friendly, professional, and take pride in their clinic. They went above and beyond to assist me with a broken retainer. Highly recommend!"

Cari G, Google Review ★★★★★


"The office staff is so helpful, respectful, and responsive. And Dr. Friedman's patience with my girl is amazing. Dr. Friedman takes the time to answer all of her questions and likes to make sure she is feeling comfortable. I'm so happy we have found this practice."

Ellie D, Google Review ★★★★★


"From the moment I walked through the door, I loved the atmosphere of the office. The office is beautiful; friendly, warm, spacious, and immaculately clean.

Dr. Friedman was professional and friendly as she welcomed me. She took a thorough history and was very interested in all my background information. This was very significant to me because I have had TMJ problems since childhood. I received excellent and efficient care. My problem was resolved-pain free. I am delighted to have found such a wonderful orthodontist!! If my grandchildren need orthodontic care, they will also be seeing Dr. Friedman!!"

Jane Z, Google Review ★★★★★


"They take great care of my son and his braces. He’s had some issues adjusting to wearing braces and they’ve been patient with him and having to deal with him breaking brackets and knocking his wires loose."

Bobby H, Google Review ★★★★★


"Love that we chose a West Arvada Orthodontics. After shopping around for a few weeks we finally landed with Dr. Friedman. From the very beginning, she took the time to get to know our family. Her office is very efficient and we are usually in and out without much waiting time in the reception area.

What I love the most about this practice and Dr. Friedman as our Ortho, is that she only recommends what is necessary. She won’t recommend unnecessary treatments just for profits.

We were told at a different office that “they feel comfortable giving braces”, I didn’t have much confidence in their “diagnosis” of two stages of braces when it wasn’t exactly necessary. After hearing that I went to Dr. Friedman, who told us braces aren’t necessary at this time and if she wore a retainer it could almost fix and align all of her teeth. The bottom line is Dr. Friedman practices business with integrity and I can trust her to be HONEST! Which is so crucial when you are talking about expenses that can really shoot up quickly (side note I felt the prices Dr. Friedman were very reasonable and actually quite more affordable than the other ortho’s we “interviewed”."

KC B, Google Review ★★★★★


"We couldn’t have felt more like part of the family. Thank you for caring and taking care of us!"

Jessica P, Google Review ★★★★★


"My daughter was terrified to get braces. Dr. Friedman was fantastic. We scheduled a consultation with her. She took the time to get to know my daughter and me, find out her fears and wants and tailor her approach to meet my daughter’s needs. My daughter fell in love with her and her office and is now excited to get braces, lol.

I also found her practice reasonably priced and worked with me to hit my expectations and financial needs. I highly recommend this office."

Nicole L, Google Review ★★★★★


"Dr. Friedman is the most knowledgeable and compassionate orthodontist I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. She cares deeply about her patients and always makes sure they get the best care possible. I highly recommend West Arvada Orthodontics to anyone looking for excellent care that is done right the first time!"

Dr. Lakeisha Davis, Google Review ★★★★★


"As an adult patient, it can be tough to go through the braces routine, but I can see and feel the difference in my smile and jaw. Looking forward to more changes during my treatment.

The office is clean and bright! I visited today and ALL precautions were being used to ensure we all stay healthy. So glad to see Dr. Friedman. She is knowledgeable and thoughtful"

Aleta H,  Facebook ★★★★★


"We won a raffle through our kids school and made an appointment for one of our kids, once we were there they took a look at not only him but his two sisters and found that our oldest daughter was on the tail end of when they could intervene without needing surgery down the road.

Two of my kids are now receiving treatment here and we couldn't be happier with everyone at West Arvada Orthodontics as they are so kind and welcoming. It has been such a great experience and I always enjoy my conversations in the waiting area with Dr. Friedman's husband. They are both brilliant and wonderful people and I highly recommend West Arvada Orthodontics."

Samantha S,  Facebook ★★★★★


"Dr. Jenny Friedman, Maria, and staff at WAO provided me with everything I wanted in my orthodontic care. Not only is their work exceptional but they do everything on time and are a pleasure to work with. I would recommend to family and friends."

RJ W, Google ★★★★★


"Our son has braces and our experience has been exceptional! Awesome service and excellent team at Arvada West Orthodontics!"

Victoria V. Google ★★★★★


"Dr. Friedman has been so helpful in walking us through our first kiddo with braces. The staff is always open about what is taking place and what to expect next. If you have orthodonture needs I definitely recommend them."

Jannel T, Google ★★★★★

"Dr. Friedman and her staff are very nice, professional and great at what they do. They spend ample time explaining what to expect and correct issues quickly when they arise."

Sandy S, Google ★★★★★
"Dr. Friedman and her spouse are very knowledgeable, kind, and community-focused people. We are excited to have them caring for our children's orthodontic needs over the next several years."
DMarie M, Facebook ★★★★★
You and your family can receive the treatment you need when you need it with our convenient family block scheduling, extended hours to fit any schedule (including Mornings, Evenings, and even Saturday Appointments!) Not to mention we are just around the corner.

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