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Our Staff at West Arvada Orthodontics

Ali Climbing
Ali Climbing

Alisa Bruno, B.S, M.P.H

  • Treatment Coordinator
  • Executive Assistant to the CEO
Alisa is a caring, family-oriented, fun-loving, person who prides herself in active listening to make sure every patient and family member's needs, questions, or concerns are always addressed to the fullest!. Alisa's background is in environmental health which she studied at CSU. Her passion for population health and healthy communities led her to complete a Master's in Public Health from Oregon Health and Science University.  She is a tremendous asset to the team and to every patient.
Maria - Lead Orthodontic Assistant

Maria Canales Ramirez

  • Orthodontic Specialty Assistant

Maria Canales is a caring, and highly intelligent woman who holds a degree in accounting.  She is gentle and sweet with the patients and ensures their comfort during all Orthodontic procedures!