Our Staff at West Arvada Orthodontics



  • Lead Orthodontic Specialty Assistant

Maria is a caring, and highly intelligent woman who holds a degree in accounting.  She is gentle and sweet with the patients and ensures their comfort during all Orthodontic procedures! Maria is also extremely fluent in Spanish.



  • Front Desk Administrator
Zirel is a front desk administrator at West Arvada Orthodontics. She is a highly motivated and intelligent Army Veteran. She is extremely caring compassionate and organized. She's a wonderful mother who brings that love and care to her work with our wonderful patients.


  • Lead Orthodontic Assistant
Diana is the lead orthodontic assistant 4 West Arvada Orthodontics. She is a talented and skilled specialty orthodontic assistant who is trained extensively with dr. Jennifer Friedman. She is a highly organized and is a caring and compassionate dedicated member of the West Arvada Orthodontics family. She's also a wonderfully caring and dedicated mother.


  • Specialty Orthodontic Assistant
Morgan is a specialty orthodontic assistant here at West Arvada Orthodontics. She is incredibly motivated and skilled as well as passionate about her career in Orthodontics. She's very caring and compassionate as well as gentle with all patients. She's highly motivated to ensure optimal patient outcomes and a wonderful patient experience for every patient. She's been extensively trained by Dr. Jennifer Friedman.


  • Front Desk Administrator
Mayemi is a strong and confident front desk administrator committed to providing the best patient experience possible. She's a wonderful person and a very caring new mother.


  • Specialty Orthodontic Assistant
Yelina is a talented and motivated specialty orthodontic assistant who had trained extensively with Dr. Jennifer Friedman. She is a kind and compassionate clinician dedicated to patient care, beautiful smiles, and a wonderful experience here at West Arvada Orthodontics.