Traditional Metal Braces

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Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional Metal Braces have been used successfully for over 200 years to obtain beautiful smiles and functional bites. One bracket gets glued to each tooth, and then a special wire is tied into them. The gentle force from the wire is what guides the teeth to move in the direction that Dr. Friedman carefully treatment plans for your personal case.   

When braces are placed, a device will be placed in your mouth to gently hold the cheeks away from the teeth. This is because in order for the glue to work properly, the teeth have to remain dry. Placing braces does not hurt. If anything, it feels like how you would imagine painting your nails feels, but on your teeth! 

Congratulations! You will now have mouth jewelry!

Once the braces are placed, you will receive instructions on how to take care of them, and how to keep your teeth clean while the braces are on.  It is important to still see your dentist for cleanings and check ups at least every 6 months while having braces on your teeth. 

Braces adjustment appointments happen every 4-8 weeks, and at each visit, the wires and sometimes the brackets are adjusted to continue the treatment in the correct direction.  

Once treatment is complete, the traditional metal braces are removed, and you are left with a beautiful, brand new smile! Dr. Friedman loves braces-off day because she finds it rewarding to see the happy reactions of her patients and how much they love the transformation of their smile!

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