Thumb-Sucking Correction

Prolonged thumbsucking can cause tooth and jaw development issues for children once their teeth come in. For thumbsucking correction in Arvada, schedule an appointment for your child with our orthodontist, Dr. Friedman.
Thumb Sucking Correction (Boy older than 5 years old) West Arvada Orthodontics Arvada Colorado
Thumb Sucking Correction (Boy older than 5 years old) West Arvada Orthodontics Arvada Colorado

For many infants and toddlers, sucking on thumbs and pacifiers is a normal, soothing activity. However, children who continue to suck their thumbs or pacifiers after their permanent teeth erupt are at increased risk for tooth and jaw development issues. At West Arvada Orthodontics, we offer thumbsucking correction treatment to ensure our youngest patients enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth.

How Can Thumbsucking And Pacifiers Damage My Child’s Teeth?

Thumbsucking is a natural instinct for most infants and young children. It’s a normal habit that can help them relax, feel safe and self-soothe. Most children stop sucking their thumbs, fingers or pacifiers by the age of four or five and usually do so before their permanent teeth erupt.

If your child continues sucking their thumb beyond the age of five, it’s important to help break the habit while their jaws and teeth are still developing. Common issues caused by prolonged thumbsucking include:

  • Jaw misalignment: Over time, sucking on thumbs, fingers or pacifiers can push your child’s jaws out of natural alignment.
  • Protruding upper front teeth: The pressure applied to your child’s upper front teeth during thumbsucking can cause them to tip forward or stick out.
  • Tipped back lower front teeth: This pressure can also push your child’s lower front teeth to tip back toward the tongue.
  • Open bite: Thumbsucking can prevent your child’s upper and lower front teeth from meeting naturally.
  • Crossbite: Sometimes the jaw can be too narrow to meet the lower jaw properly. This is caused by your child’s cheek muscles flexing while sucking fingers, thumbs or pacifiers.

How Can I Treat Thumbsucking?

Schedule an appointment with our orthodontist, Dr. Friedman. Our practice specializes in pediatric orthodontics, and we are specially trained to evaluate your child’s teeth. We will work with you and your child to determine the best course of action. Following a thorough examination of your child’s overall tooth and jaw health, Dr. Friedman will design a treatment plan to gently and compassionately encourage your child to break the thumbsucking habit.

We are dedicated to correcting your child’s prolonged thum bsucking and help them enjoy a healthy natural smile. For thumbsucking correction in Arvada, call our office at (720) 800-9331 to schedule an appointment.

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