COVID 19 Safety Updates

With experience working for CDC and years of consulting on vaccinations for immunocompromised Americans we have taken unprecedented steps to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. Every staff member is fully immunized for COVID-19. All patients, family members, and staff are thoroughly screened using a comprehensive questioner as well as being screened for a fever prior to entry clinic. Everyone entering the clinic including staff is required to wear masks. Our staff is equipped with the latest full-body PPE including high-tech masks including electronic filtration systems typically reserved for use in ICUs. In addition to stringent disinfection between patients as well as staggering patients to avoid possible transference, we have implemented a series of filtration systems throughout the clinic, which run 24/7 and are specially designed to filter out the COVID-19 0.3-micron particle. In addition to the negative-pressure fans designed and preinstalled clinics original design additional specialized filtration systems in place at each treatment chair. A multitude of additional safety measures have been enacted and we would be happy to discuss them in detail upon request. If you are immunocompromised please let us know and we will open the clinic on off days so you can be treated with absolutely no one else in the clinic. Just call us at 7208009331 to make arrangements.

West Arvada Orthodontics Staff in COVID 19 Safety Gear Arvada CO