One of the most common concerns that patients have, bringing them to consult with me are crowded or impacted teeth. Crowding of the teeth is when there is not enough room in the jaws for all of the teeth to be in a perfect position, and can cause seriously misaligned teeth, or even tooth impaction. Impaction is when a tooth gets stuck below the gum-line, and cannot erupt into the mouth.  

For the most mild crowding, to the most severe crowding, this is where orthodontics comes in! Often, I can create more room in the jaws to allow the teeth to be straightened into a perfect smile and bite. Occasionally, in severe crowding cases, one or more teeth must be taken out to make enough room for the rest of them.  If you are concerned about crooked teeth or crowding, come see me at West Arvada Orthodontics right away! 
In the case of crowding that leads to impacted teeth, orthodontics can also help guide the impacted tooth into the mouth, again giving you a beautiful smile and perfect bite.  

Dr. Jennifer Friedman