Did you know that you can use your flexible spending account dollars toward a straighter smile? You can!

If you still have money in your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA), you’ll likely need to spend it before the end of 2021 to avoid forfeiting it, as most accounts don’t roll over funding from year to year.

Our team wants to remind you that you can often pay for braces or clear aligners with money set aside in your FSA or HSA. Orthodontic treatment is a great way to improve your smile while making good use of your flexible spending savings.

So whether it’s for you or your child, spending your remaining 2021 FSA/HSA funds on orthodontic care is a smart move that will definitely leave you with a smile!

The New Year is right around the corner. Why not start it by flexing your smile power with the smile you’ve always wanted?

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