Orthodontics & Sports. We all love adventure whatever our age. In this, a time of thrill-seeking and dedication for the mighty WINNER in all of us.  Sport, in whatever iteration is an integral part of our lives here in the front-range. But, so is our Orthodontic health. You might have braces to improve your smile or your functional bit, or even expand your jaw and airway,  but but how do you deal with braces and injuries on the field, the trail,, the rock-cliff, or whatever sport you have dedicated your life to?

If this is the case, you’ll need to know what to expect and how to treat dental injuries sustained during a gambol in the wilderness. In this post, we’ll show you the orthodontics and sports Injuries super factsheet you need before you leave. Let’s get moving.


leaping rock with mouth guard

leaping rock with mouth guard


What Sports are we Talking About?



All Sports That Involve Contact or Impact, like:


  • Rock Climbing
  • Mountain biking
  • Road Biking
  • Skiing
  • Gymnastics and the usual team sports of:
    • Football
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Soccer
    • Wrestling 
    • Hockey
    • Ice hockey


Lastly, all sports that utilize a ball. wether intended for a hoop, goal, or other,  are included here as the ball, whatever its size will damage your teeth in a collision. 


Is there a difference between clear aligners and metal braces with sports injuries?


Well, there are two types of treatment you can get. In the case of dental injuries, Invisalign branded aligners are less complicated, less prone sustaining severe damage, and easier to replace and move on from than traditional metal braces. This is so because unlike traditional braces, Invisalign and 3M Clarity Clear Aligners are not directly connected to your teeth and can more easily detach.  However, there is a cost for replacing them. 

Traditional braces come with a whole host of issues around injuries. As the brackets are fixed to your teeth and therefore a coliision can cause them to breat.  LAways be cognizant of a potential poking wire, a cut to the gums an dthe inner lining of the mounth. All can be fixed easily but are not pleasant at the moment.  Call and text  Dr. Jennifer Friedman’s emergency line after hours i(day or night) f any of these occur (224) 545-9966 and the office at (720) 800-9331.

What Type of Guard can I use After Sports Injuries?

At west Arvada Orthodontics we make specialty sports mouth guards individualized to the the patient and the sport.  Ask us about them at the office, or call (720) 800-9331 with any questions.  

An orthodontic mouthguard will not only protect your brackets but prevent your tongue from hitting your teeth. An orthodontic mouthguard is slightly larger than a traditional sports mouthguard. This allows more space for the braces and protection of your braces, but also teeth, gums, and jaw.


Where can I buy a Mouthguard to Prevent Sports Injuries?


You’ll find most sports stores and larger retailers will stock them. There are a variety of qualities and costs involved so choose wisely. It is best to avoid the cheapest as with most things and using a so-called ‘boil & bite’ mouthguard may hinder you as your teeth will shift during treatment but your mouthguard will stay the same shape. 

Our mouth guards at West Arvada Orthodontics are high-quality but are not expensive.  We can’t have our patients getting hurt in us! So don’t bother with store bought cheap one-size-fits-all guards.  Come in to West Arvada Orthodontics for your Índividualizd mouth guard.  

Having a mouthguard made by your orthodontist (occlusal guard) will ensure correct fitting as it will be made from an impression of your teeth. You may need to have a new one fitted after a lengthy time of treatment as the shape inside the mouth changes. 


Sports Injuries

Ali Climbing


What Should I do in the Case of Injury?


First ensure you have not sustained a traumatic brain injury.  Your coach or team doctor should make that determination.  If you feel like you sustained a concussion go to th hospital by ambulance immediately. 

Once that is addressed.  Please call Dr. Friedman at West Arvada Orthodontics immediately.  Emergency numbers and procedures are stated above.  An injury while wearing braces can be worse than those without depending on force, angle, wether you were wearing your mouthguard , etc. 

We will deal with both the trauma and any potential damage to the braces.  We got you covered.  

The most common orthodontic  injuries are:



What if I Lose a Tooth From Sports Injuries?

Dr. Friedman, your Orthodontist , will with you discuss possible options and we’ll make a decision as a team together.  We’ll make sure to fit you in for an urgent appointment right away or even see you after hours if need be.  We are athletes too.  we got you covered. 

Should I use a Mouthguard with Adventure Sports? 

Well, yes. If you are rock climbing or downhill mountain biking it has the same result in the case of a collision. You may come off your bicycle and hit the ground or while climbing you may knock the wall face, either way, damage to your mouth and jaw will occur in which case it is the same as contact sports, just the material you are in contact with is a whole lot harder than a ball.


How Do I Take Care of My  Mouthguard? 


Mouthguard care is important as it affects your oral health to have unsanitary or bacterial elements inside your mouthguards. You should treat your mouthguards as you would dentures or a retainer. You can keep your mouthguard clean by using toothpaste and water or a denture cleaner whereas you would leave them in a glass of water with a fizzy tablet working its way to destroy the badness. 

Also, keeping a mouthguard in good condition is important. There is a special case that comes with most mouthguards. Try to keep your mouthguard in the case when not in use as losing one is annoying and costly. These are generally hard-cased and shockproof avoid them knocking around. If you see your mouthguard cracking or warping then consult your ortho immediately to replace it. Using a damaged mouthguard is not recommended. 


Contact an Expert TODAY

Dr. Jennifer Friedman, DMD, MS is a top-rated, experienced orthodontist with a passion for providing excellent, high-quality orthodontic treatment while showing her patients great care and compassion. She prides herself on taking the time to listen and address every patient’s questions or concerns. Dr. Friedman is also an adventure fan and understands the passion to play. 



In the case of a sports-loving son or an adrenaline-seeking daughter or maybe you just love to play rough in the mud, a mouthguard is an important part of your routine if you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. The cost of the mouthguard is far less than replacing entire orthodontic brackets and wires so it is worth bearing that in mind if you are one of the above. 

Plus, the added peace of mind while engaging in sports if you have a guarded mouth will allow you to go harder and faster, which is after all the point of why you’re doing sports in the first place. Place a call to Dr. Jennifer Friedman today to discuss your treatment needs and to get expert advice on when and how to wear a mouthguard during sport and adventure activities.

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