Every orthodontist must complete dental school and then complete an intensive specialty residency in orthodontics. Some orthodontists go the extra mile and obtain a master’s degree in science.

So how do you choose the best orthodontist for yourself or your child?

We suggest looking for FIVE KEY TRAITS:

  1. Your orthodontist must be caring. More specifically, your orthodontist must care about your needs. They must willing to take the time to educate you about both the diagnosis and the proposed treatment plan. If you feel you’re being rushed out of the room to make space for the next patient, then that orthodontist does not care enough about your needs. You want an orthodontist that will take however long your consultation requires until you feel comfortable with both the diagnosis and the treatment plan. This attitude and willingness to spend time with you should continue throughout your treatment course.


Dr Friedman close with her patient

Dr Friedman close with her patient

  1. Your orthodontist must be compassionate. Compassion is a trait that is the manifestation of caring. Compassion is not something that can be taught nor learned. It is inherent to the right orthodontist both as a clinician and as a person. When you find a caring compassionate orthodontist, you will likely feel a connection with that person, which you can build trust which is the basis of any relationship.


  1. Your orthodontist must be knowledgeable.  Your orthodontist must constantly be striving to educate  and improve themselves on the most cutting-edge techniques acquiring the most cutting-edge technology so they may provide you with the optimal care you deserve.


  1. There is no substitute for experience. Like medicine, no orthodontist does orthodontics, instead they practice orthodontics. The point being is that you never truly master the science and arts of orthodontic care and thus you must strive to continuously be improving. With experience and open-mindedness comes improvement.


  1. You want your orthodontist to be dedicated to you.Whether it is spending the time addressing any questions or concerns you or your child may have, creating their clinic schedule with flexible hours with you in mind so your child and you do not have to miss school or work respectively, or being available to you for emergencies 24 hours, seven days a week on their cell phone. In other words, your orthodontist should be dedicated to you, and that means doing being dedicated to doing whatever is necessary to obtain the optimal results that you deserve.


Dr. Jennifer Friedman, Orthodontist

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