Jack Damschroeder, 5, collects his artwork after he finished painting on Saturday afternoon outside the offices of West Arvada Orthodontics.

West Arvada Orthodontics Featured in the Arvada Press!


We, at West Arvada Orthodontics, are absolutely thrilled to have been featured on the cover of Arvada Press’ Feb 15, 2021 paper: Kids, adults alike join West Arvada Orthodontics for windy, but fun-filled afternoon of painting


The article not only covers one of the numerous in-person weekend events we provide to our neighborhood and community, but it also highlights some of the reasons our orthodontic practice is unique. Some of our favorite quotes are below:  


  • “If anyone needs any more evidence of their caring nature all one has to do is visit their office in the Candelas community. It is tailor-made catered to patients with autism or neurological issues.” From the changing colors of the ceiling lights for a calming atmosphere to plants, a massage chair and colored circular patterns on the floor, it’s all there to provide visual stimuli for the patients.


  • “For anybody who knows them, the first thing that they notice about them is that they care about their community,” Amanda Rieter said. “Even before this building was opened, they were getting involved, finding ways to help the community.”


  • “We believe in educating the community as well,” Dr. Jennifer Friedman said. “It’s why we have a microscope in the kids’ area as opposed to an iPad. … Another goal of our office is to be relaxing. It’s designed to accommodate those with neurological disorders, autism and brain injuries.”


To read the full text of the article, click here: Kids, adults alike join West Arvada Orthodontics for windy, but fun-filled afternoon of painting

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